Welcome to the UltraGaming WikiEdit

Hey guys! This wiki is about games from Undertale to COD. I will try to make this the best it can be so if it's bad I will make it better. Me(Foxydasher101) and TheyKnowMeAsChara are working to make it great, so please suppor this wiki.

Why we made it?Edit

I made this wiki because, well, I love gaming! I also want to make a difference in the gaming society.

Latest activityEdit

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IMG 0068

Xbox kitten.

Message from TheyKnowMeAsChara vvv

Hello! I think this wiki is a great idea because I think the world only needs one wiki for games. There is millions out there for just a specific game! I'm gonna share all the games that have caught my attention around here so stay tuned!

- TheyKnowMeAsChara

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